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I've been using Vista 32bit for over a year now and today I decided to upgrade to Win 7 64bit. To my surprise however, both the BIOS and windows detect only 4 out of 6 Gigs of memory.


According to Intel spec definition the system can only boot with a minimum of 2 DIMM slots populated. So I removed one stick out of three and I switched the sticks around until I narrowed down one that never gets detected no matter where it's placed. I'm pretty sure at this point that this one is defective but I'll run CPU-Z tomorrow just to make sure.


I also eyeballed the cpu pins under different light angles to the best of my ability and saw no bent pins.


I'm using default BIOS settings and no overclocking.


Is this a case for RMA?

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I tried booting with one stick at a time in position A1.


Two of them worked and the one I suspected of being defective didn't. The system didn't boot in that case and there was no post.


I don't think this is a board problem because changing the DIMM slot doesn't affect the outcome. That is, one of the sticks doesn't get detected no matter where it's placed whereas the other two seem to work in either A1, B1 or C1.


The strange thing is CPU-Z detects all 6 gigs but I'm guessing its detection method is independent of the BIOS.


I ran two instances of Memtest without errors but I don't know if it saw 6 or 4 Gb. It probably just found nothing wrong on the 4Gb detected by windows.

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I need some backup ram to keep my system running if I RMA this kit. I was thinking a 4Gb kit would be sufficient.


Can you make any suggestions on what I should get considering I will want to eventually have both kits running at the same time? Would it be safe to mix and match different models? To what extent?



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