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FSB speed Effecting XMS3 TW3X4G1600C9DHX stability


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Well i have just overclocked my CPU from 2.5GHz to 3.2ghz, with FSB speed goin from 333mhz to 430mhz (7.5multi (max)) and its causing slight ram instability, aprox 1-3 error every 300% memtest. Vcore 1.3v

If the fsb is turned up more then the frequency of these errors increase but in all the frequencys that iv tried the fsb on (>400mhz and i would hate to go under this freq) it always comes up with the same ammount of errors.

The timing on the ram are auto, aswell as the voltage, the freq 1280 (roughly cant remember exactly what value) with the next value something around 1720 which causes boot failure.

I have run PRIME95 with small FFT and comes up with no errors (over 4 hours) up to 450mhz FSB, yet blend test fails within an hour on 430, and within 5mins on 450... hence my suspicions about ram and fsb speed

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