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Corsair GTR 64GB 3 weeks old not working


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Corsair GTR 64GB 3 weeks old isnt working anymore. I use it in my car so i got a nice music collection with me on my long drives. In the first week the stick failed me one time in the car , the known blue lights kept flashing. I tried on my laptop and desktop but it wasnt working,one day later it worked again on my desktop and also in my car. 2 days ago the same prob, blue lights kept flashing but now it seems that there's no life anymore only the blue led disco show but i like more a good working usb stick with my 64 gb of music and some work docs. Oh what can i do or you for me, i hope i wasnt spending this big ammount on a bad product, or am i the only one with this prob ?


greeetzzzz Heather :mad:

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