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Dear Corsair Customer Suppor Team(CST),



2 years ago I bought a HX520 power supply in Serbia. I had to send it back to the PC store where I bought, because my computer sometimes freezed, when I used only a 8800GTS card in my configuration, the PSU gave some very strange high level pitching noise...

In the PC store the servisers told me, that the PSU is wrong, and icannot be replaced, so the will give me beck the money.


My problem is, that now for those money I am not able to buy a VX550 model, not a HX model. I know there is a General Distributor for my country, so my question is, is there any chance that i can get a Corsair modular power supply?

Of course, i got the warrany papert, the bill...


Please help me, I dont want to use some junk of PSU, I hope COrsair will help me!

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