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problems running 2 kits of TR3X6G1600C9


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I am having issues with my ram 2x TR3X6G1600C9 on a P6X58D-E mobo.


With 6GB installed only 4 will show up, with 12 GB only 8 shows.


Non of the sticks are faulty, have rearranged them and they all work fine.


After some PC resets sometimes all 12 shows up


If I start the PC turn it off remove two first ram turn on the PC again, turn off PC and install the two ram again and then turn on PC again all 12 show.


I see quite a few are having the same problems with these ram vs this mobo.


But I can't find any other solutions other than the ones that have given up and replaced the ram with different ones.


If I'm not wrong, I have heard that the mobo doesn't give enough power to the rams when it is in auto settings


So are the TR3X6G rams not really compatible with the P6X58D-E even if they are said to be so?


Must I get new ram or is there a solution to this?


Any help is appreciated


Cheers Kris

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