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Where can I get information on 2 returns?


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On 7/14/10 I ordered 4gb of XMS3 memory, # TW3X4G1333C9A G 2 sticks. The memory was bad from the start, but Tiger Direct dicked around until it was too late to RMA it thru them, so I started with Corsair.


Now the first time I had to pay shipping back for the faulty memory...OK, I understand that. The next set was also tossing up errors, causing BSOD & random reboots. I did everything that was recommended by the ram guy, and was then told to ship it back at their cost, OK I will do this.


Well it is 10-31-10....3 months later....and I receive the 3rd set of memory... and I STILL don't have an answer to my simple question...was the memory BAD that I have returned twice, or is it a compatibility problem? An answer to this simple question would be a huge help for me, but it seems like the Returns Department don't communicate with the other Departments, so no one has a clue...


My MB is an ASRock M3A770DE. It runs fine with 2gb of Kingston Value Ram at the same settings. All I am asking is for an answer to my question...can anyone on this forum guide me to someone who could help? I am NOT opening this memory until I have an answer, this way I can sell it and get some of my $100 back that I can not afford. After 3 months my patience is at an end...


Thank You in advance for any & all information that you can send my way.

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