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H50 - 65C Idle / 88C Load - with 25C Case Temp


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There definitely appears to be an issue with my new H50.


I'm testing this on a low-power 45W processor, one with minimal cooling needs - AMD x3 405e - and getting ridiculously high temperatures - 65C on idle, 85-90C on load. For reference, it's at 40C with the stock cooler.



Other info:

Internal case temperature is ~25C.

Radiator is external to case, with 2 paired fans in a push/pull set up.


I believe this is an issue with sufficient contact between the block and CPU. The retention mechanism is tightened as far as it will go, however, one screw spins freely -- I believe this may be the source of the issue, but I'm not sure how to fix it.


Any advice?

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Fixed it.


Replaced the stock thermal paste with a *thin* layer of Arctic Silver 4. Now idling at 23C, going to 32C on load.


Much more what I expected out of a low-power processor with this cooler.


(The one screw is still spinning once tightened all the way, doesn't seem to affect it at all.)

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