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CMT6GX3M3A1600C7 BSODs on me


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Hi guys, I just bought these sticks along with my new CPU And MB.


I have been running it at 1066 Mhz due to an inability to run it at 1600 Mhz. So far I have run the XMP profile, which sets everything as it should, and QPI was at 1.2v.


So I would play some SCII, get a hard lock BSOD and it would need a reboot. I then searched and saw that some say to run 1.35. Well I tried that just now also, and it still BSODs on me while playing SCII after a few minutes. Now I have updated drivers, and nothing else is overclocked and most of the items in the BIOS are on auto as well until I figure out how to OC this on water in a few days.


Any help would be appreciated, I will try to o the timings manually, although I dont know if that will fix anything as it seems like the XMP essentially sets it for you?

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Per the registration notice, filling out your PC specs makes it easier for us to help you.


For the RAM to run stable overclockerd at 1600 MHz. the CPU/mobo/RAM/PSU must all be willing and able. XMP profiles are a best guess but not guaranteed. Many people have better luck with manually setting the BIOS options.


The link below may help with OC'ing settings:



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