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CM2X2048-8500C5C doesn't start with Asus P5Q


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Hi all, I got the memory on title (single module 2Gb@1066Mhz) with Asus motherboard P5Q, and I cannot start the Pc in any case. If I put another memory, different brand, I start easily. The CPU is an Itel E5200.


I tryed also on another MB - an Asus P5Q SE2 with cpu E6300 -, but nothig. I tryed also to boot with another memory and set the speed at 1066 from the bios, but when I put Corsair and restart the screen remain black.:confused:

I obviously updated both the bios to the last version.:sigh!:


I cant believe that Asus P5Q is incopatible with XMS2 1066Mhx:[pouts:

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put in one stick and reset the BIOS, the memory controller may need a refresh of the rams instruction set (or something to that effect)

also check the voltage on the stick, you may need to up the voltage using the other ram first then reboot with the Corsair.


The second solution you kindly suggest (the voltage at 2.1V) I've already tryed using to boot the other memory. But if I reset the bios (like I did) the voltage go back to default - means AUTO - and so I come back to the black display again:sigh!: In any case when I put on Corsair, I don't hear even the initial bip of the MB in the start up..:[pouts:

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