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TX650 PCI-Express connectors


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Hello everyone,


I've now been browsing the web for information about the TX 650 PSU, and I've only found contradictory information, so I decided to ask for info at the source.


I've just bought new components to build a PC. One of them is a Sapphire HD 6870 video card, and the other is a Corsair TX 650 PSU.


On the Resource page for this PSU on the Corsair main website, it is stated that the PSU has 2 8-pin PCIe connectors, whereas the photo shows a 6+2 connector.


Other photos on the web show 6+2 pin connectors, but all descriptions I could find state that connectors are 8-pins.


Could you confirm to me which of these is correct, and more importantly, is this PSU compatible with the new AMD HD 6870 cards, as the AMD PSU compatibility page states it is not (http://support.amd.com/us/certified/power-supplies/Pages/details.aspx?item=111).


The other question is: Is the TX 650 sufficient to run my new config (see my spec)?



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Thanks for your quick answer!

I've ordered the components online, and haven't received them yet.

I've watched unboxinngs of my new video card to be, and there actually are 2 converter cables.

However, I'd rather have a compatible PSU, so that I can use your solution for maybe another card to do CrossFire.

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[table=head]{colsp=2}Connector Type|Qty.|Length (mm)|Length (inches)|Connectors per cable

ATX Power Cable|http://www.corsair.com/_images/products/atx_24pin.jpg|1|610mm|24"|1

EPS/ATX12V CPU Cable|http://www.corsair.com/_images/products/eps-atx12v_8-4_pin.jpg|1|610mm|24"|1

PCI-E Cable|http://www.corsair.com/_images/products/pci-e_6_2-pin.jpg|2|610mm|24"|1

SATA Cable|http://www.corsair.com/_images/products/sata.jpg|2|864mm|34"|4

Peripheral Cable|http://www.corsair.com/_images/products/4-pin_peripheral.jpg|2|1016mm|40"|4

Floppy Cable|http://www.corsair.com/_images/products/floppy.jpg|2|102mm|4.02"|1 on the end of the Peripheral Cable



this is all the cables.

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