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H70 in 800D case noise issue


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I have an H70 installed in my 800D case, but i am having some trouble reducing the noise level from the two fan's attached to the radiator.

It sounds like a jet engine taking off, when i have both fan's on the radiator spinning on full speed and reduced.

only when one fan is spinning at reduced speed, the noise is gone.


The H70 radiator is attached at the back on the air-intake on the case as recommended. It does not matter witch way the airflow is, in or out, it still makes this "humming" sound. Like a jet engine spinning.

I have tried to replace the stock Corsair fan's but the noise is still there. Might i run it without the rubber vibration damper for the 120mm fan to the case?

I have search the web for simular issues, but then people often have other issue withe the pump and so on. I don't. It's only the noise from the fan's.


Anyone had the same issue?



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Tried to follow the instructions, but it did not solve the issue.

After many attempts i finaly attached both fan's on the radiator directly to the PSU instead of the CPU Fan header, and it solved the issue.


Don't know if the header i faulty or not, but the noise came back when i tried to use the cpu header again.


But thanks for the tip Keith.



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