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Rma Question

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Dear Valued Corsair Customer,


Thank you for your patience. For your return, please reference RMA #1191289.


For your convenience, click the following link to automatically generate an address label for your return.


Please also mark the RMA number clearly on your package, and ship your RMA to the following address:


Attn: RMA Department

Corsair Inc. 46221 Landing Parkway

Fremont, CA 94538

Phone 510-657-8747





DO NOT return any Corsair product in a standard mailing envelope! Please only use a padded envelope or proper fitting box.


We strongly recommend using a carrier that will provide you with a tracking # and option for added insurance for your package. Any package that arrives empty will be returned to the sender. In addition, Corsair is not liable for any lost/stolen packages. Corsair will only replace the product which we physically receive.


like i said tho i have 2 diffrent rma #'s (non advanced)1191289,1191354(advanced alrdy shipped)


Please make sure your complete address is included within the package: first/last name, telephone # and complete return address. Be aware, some shipping stores do not include your contact details on the address label.


Please include a copy of this RMA Confirmation with your shipment

just iffy on how to do this really and id hate for you guys to keep 200$ of my money ;p

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Not me, them :)


Since the mailing label has the RMA # I'd assume that's enough, although it couldn't hurt to write it on at least 3 sides (WxLxH).


Slap a copy of the RMA confirmation inside w/ your address attached, and you should be good to go.

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Dear SuperCoolName,


Your replacement has been shipped via UPS with trackig number --------. Please see below for the RMA procedure for advance RMA.


Dear Valued Corsair Customer,


Thank you for choosing Corsair!


At your request we have processed your RMA as an Advance Replacement, using your credit/debit card to obtain a temporary holding fee in the amount of $206.10 until your returning part is received. We allow 2 weeks for the return of your defective unit before we process a complete charge on your credit card.


In the meantime, your replacement order has been processed and will be shipped within 24hrs. Upon shipping, you will receive an e-mail with your UPS tracking confirmation.


Your assigned RMA# 1191354 must be referenced on your returning package.


Return Address:

Corsair Returns Department


46221 Landing Parkway

Fremont, CA 94538


If you have any questions about your RMA please contact us at Domestic Toll Free #888-222-4346, Main Telephone # 510-657-8747 x0 or by replying to this email.


***Corsair’s Advance Replacement RMA Policy***

In order to process your Advance Replacement RMA request, you have authorized Corsair to place a temporary hold on your credit/debit card. If you have used your debit card for this transaction, the amount authorized for your Advance Replacement may be deducted from your account at the time the hold has been placed. Corsair will not be held responsible for any charges or fees applied by your credit/debit card bank.


You have two weeks from the date that Corsair ships the replacement product to return your defective product to Corsair. If the product is received by Corsair within two weeks no charge will applied to your credit/debit card. If Corsair does not receive your defective product within two weeks Corsair will complete the charge transaction on your credit/debit card for the originally quoted amount. If Corsair receives your defective product after 2 weeks and your credit/debit card charge transaction has been completed, we will issue a full refund within 2 weeks of the product receipt.


By selecting Corsair’s Advance Replacement RMA option, you as the customer agree to the above mentioned terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Corsair’s Customer Service Department immediately at (510) 657-8747 Monday – Friday 8am-5pm PST. Thank you.


Guess ill print this for confirmation


wish corsair provided a label , but still made you pay be 10,000 times easier :P

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  • Corsair Employees

Jees light weight! LOL! :laughing:

Try that with RED Horse Beer! ::pirate::


And I am sorry but the policy is that you ship the item to us and we will pay to ship the replacement. An advanced replacement will not change the normal rules of RMA!

However, you would need to take that up with our customer service not here on the forum!!!

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