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Will the H70 work with my case?


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Thanks! Watch out newegg, here I come! Has anyone else installed one of these in my particular case, and if so, is there any special tips/tricks?


Ya, just put one in my 932 last week, looks awsome. I went radical and pressure fit it into the front drivebays. This allows the unit to slide up or down (when i say slide i mean remove it and lower or raise it befor pressurefitting it back in), mine is a few inches off the top of the case and the warm air is quickly sucked up and out tough the top fan, this allowed me to keep my rear 140mm fan installed for extra venting, plus you dont want to suck in the warm gpu air discharged back there.



I started a post a few down from here, look for my name as the poster and it has a link to pics of my h70 installed in the same case.


This thing works very well, max temp ever was 32c with a overclocked 1055t @ 3.3ghz 100% load on all 6 cores. My V8 would reach 42c @ 3.6ghz. with the same test.


It would be damm nice if there was a large lcd display on the pump that would show the current temp in real time. Perferabley one that could change color to match the lights in the case.


Great unit so far, i would refer it to anyone who asked

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