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AX850 Volt reading right or wrong?


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Howdy guys


I just replaced my PSU and was recommended a Corsair AX850. (it's one day old)

I told them exactly what I was running and an 850 was sufficient for the job.


i7-930 @ 4GHZ

Crossfire 5850 900/1200 v1.21


Ok the HD monitor is that showing what its drawing?


The Bios is reading it correctly I guess.


Some have said that the PSU is too small and that I should have gone for a 1000w..


Any advice what be great!






the above was taken when running 3d Vantage and in the CPU test screen, otherwise on the GPU test the +12v is between 4.85 5.55v and the -12v is at 12.36v


In the second screeny the 2nd FAn is the PSU which is at 1640, so I'm guessing the PSU isn't under much load at all.

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