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3rd stick seams dead


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Gigabyte GA-X58-USB3

Intel i7 950

Corsair Dominator (CMP12GX3M3A) 1600mhz


I inserted the sticks like the motherboard manual told me for 3-channel


port 1-3-5


Installed windows, ran some games. Then when the PC was idle in windows it hanged (freeze). Reboot and another hang 20mins later without beeing stressed.


Next time I rebooted, the PC ran the POST and then I get "Recovering Lost DDRAM"


And now it keeps rebooting after that message. So I checked bios which tells me I only have 8GB ram. So I removed all the sticks and the PC refuses to boot at all with 1 of the sticks.

I put the 2 healthy sticks in and it boots windows.

So it seems that 1 module is bad all of a sudden. I havent made any settings in bios.

I cant memtest the stick since the PC wont boot with it inside.

If I were to RMA this stick do I have to send all 3 sticks since I bought a 3x4GB package?


Thanks for answers.

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This is with 2 sticks that works.



This is with a working stick in slot1 and the presumably bad stick in slot 3



If I run all three sticks it doesnt even register that something is in the slot


There might be some configurational thing. Has anyone else see this before?

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Have you flashed to the newest version of the BIOS for that mobo?


I had a similar issue with a GA-X58A-UD3R and a triple channel kit from Corsair. My RAM was not listed on Gigabyte's list of supported modules, just like yours is not. When I first booted up and everything, it would do the exact same thing, it only detected 2 of the sticks. I flashed to the latest version of the BIOS and everything was detected fine.


I ended up with a bad stick of RAM anyway, but it wasn't the mobo's fault.

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