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How I got the Force drive to not BSOD even with sleep and TRIM


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First off please ignore the specs in my profile, due to the risk of instability I have moved the drive out of my server/workstation and into a sole workstation (specs at bottom).


I realize that not all of you may have this BIOS option, but this is what I used to get the Force drive seemingly working (perfectly?) with sleep mode and TRIM as well. With most hardware parts you would stress test them but I guess you could say I relax tested the Force drive. I have tried leaving the computer idling for 24 hours as well as followed by heavy CPU usage and then a period of idle, as well as putting the computer into sleep and resuming on multiple occasions. Keep in mind this computer was indeed having the BSOD crash before I changed these settings.


So in the BIOS I found this option under AHCI called APLM/ASP and you can enable or disable it. After some research I found this:


This patch will set the correct bits to turn on Aggressive

Link Power Management (ALPM) for the ahci driver. This

will cause the controller and disk to negotiate a lower

power state for the link when there is no activity (see

the AHCI 1.x spec for details).


So obviously I disabled ALPM. I secure erased the drive, gave it a fresh install of Win7, and I have not had a BSOD yet despite using sleep, AHCI, and TRIM. As an extra measure I will also note that I have ACPI 2.0 support disabled in BIOS, and I confirmed that version 1.0 is running from device manager. I don't know if that had an effect as well but I have been so happy with no BSODs that I do not want to re-enable ACPI 2.0 simply to see if I get them.


After following the Force drive issues for a couple months and I've pretty much seen every post on it, I have never seen anybody mention ALPM. So I encourage everyone to disable this option if you have it and let's see if it works. :biggrin:


Asus P5W-DH Deluxe Motherboard (Bios 3002) with Intel 975X chipset and ICH07R southbridge.

Intel QX6700 2.66 Ghz quad core

8 GB of Corsair Dominator DHX RAM at PC2-6400 5-5-5-18

AHCI mode with msahci (no intel RST drivers installed)

Windows 7 64-bit Enterprise

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