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CMT12GX3M3A2000C9 + Rampage II Extreme Help please


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I bought new RAM the 12 GB KIT CMT12GX3M3A2000C9 and can't get it stable. Also bought the AX1200 PSU (too noisy for me.)

I' cant get the voltages right or the right speed. Theres no 2000 MHZ setting in bios with my CPU.

If i set the cpu level up its either 1866 or 2166


Cant find any info on corsair about these rams either. No reviews either. Is these rams new released?




I7 Core 950

Rampage 2 extreme

12 GB CMT12GX3M3A2000C9 KIT


I have raised the QPI volt to 1.44375 in bios since this was the only way to even start the machine.

Now it is not stable. Random reboots, specially when playing games, and thats only flash games (on FB)

I got 2006 mhz with 3286 for cpu.


Does QPI/DRAM need more volt, or CPU neeed more volt or what is it?

I would need as much settings in bios, ratio, vcore, etc as much as possible if anyone know, cus i can't get this right.

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Your i7-950 CPU is only guaranteed to run the RAM at 1066 MHz. The Corsair RAM you have has been tested and confirmed to run stable at 2000 MHz. That does NOT mean that your PC will run the RAM at 2000 MHz. unless your CPU/Mobo/RAM are all willing to run the RAM at 2000 MHz.


Running the RAM above 1066 MHz. is overclocking and in never guaranteed. Some folks are able to overclock their hardware higher than other folks. It's a crapshoot when overclocking per my signature.




This link may be useful:



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