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TX750 Chirping related to fan position


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Hello Everyone. I've had a tx750 in my system for about a year now. It's been rock solid throughout that time.


However, ever since I got it it had always made an odd pulsing chirping noise. It didnt bother me before as my system was overly loud already and the noise didnt make a huge difference. Now that I have a new case and more appropriate fan speeds it had become very loud in comparison.


I've read a few threads about similar problems, on these forums and others, and as such I've tested a few things:


Disabled C1 power state

Updated video card drivers

forced v-sync

loosened and tightened the grill screws


None of these produced a change.


In further testing I ran the PSU outside the case and verified that is was the origin of the sound, I then stopped the fan mechanically. To my surprise the noise became continuous, allowing the fan to move slightly made the noise disappear entirely. This could be repeated and reproduced, the sound was only emitted at certain fan positions.


It seems to me (no expert) that there is electronic interference between the brushless motor controller (or other related circuits) and a PSU component.


Unfortunately I bought this PSU off an online vendor and im not sure at all which one it was, nor can I find a reciept. I would be reluctant to RMA it as it would leave me without a computer, which is a severe inconvinence to both my job and study.


So I was wondering if anyone had a magical fix up there sleeve? Maybe a replacement fan reccomendation? I don't mind voiding the warrenty if there is a decent chance of fixing it myself.


Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

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