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TW3X4G1333C9 question


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First off all im kinda noob with overclocking.


Just got my new pc build finished. But when i look at my memory it says something like 500Mhz but on the box / site they say 1333Mhz :sigh!: Do i need to overclock it myself? Is there a guide for this?






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Welcome. If you fill in your PC specs it makes it easier for people to help you.


Unless your CPU by default runs RAM at 1333 MHz. you will need to manually set the RAM settings in the BIOS. Depending on your specific CPU/Mobo/RAM the RAM may or may not run at 1333 MHz. if this is overclocked for your CPU.


The RAM is Double Data Rate RAM so in your BIOS it typically shows at 1/2 the RAM speed, i.e. 1333 MHz. would be 666 MHz. x 2 = 1333 MHz. Some BIOS show the doubled speed instead of 1/2 speed. The actual frequency can vary slightly based on the mobo tolerances.


You mobo owner's manual should walk you thru the available BIOS settings. The BIOS settings are 9-9-9-24 2T @ 1.65 V. This information should also be on the label on the RAM. Sometimes the voltage is different. If it's more than 1.5 V you will likely need to set it manually in the BIOS.

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