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my system specs are listed. previous to this i had the another type of ram 1600mhz 8-8-8-24 and it cause alot of issues so i RMAed it. my only exp with Corsair ram is the 6gb dominator gt 2000 mhz 8-8-8-24. it was good but i was not able to run it at that speed.


i would like to buy some corsair ram now. around 1600mhz and with good heat sinks. i checked the product list and saw for that speed there are two options the c7 or c8. i dont understand the diff although it is obvious in the timing.


i am looking for something stable in my system. i am not good at tweeking so something that will just run of the xmp and pass memtest and support my system if i would like to oc. 8-8-8-24 is a good timing for me.


please advice me on what to pick, and if there are other options out there for corsair i would like to explore them too.


Thankx in advance.

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Any of the Corsair RAM on the Intel i7-9xx approved compatible list should work fine. The C7 and C8 latency will have very little effect on PC performance for 99% of applications. C7 is slightly faster than C8 which is slightly faster than C9. The lower the number the faster the latency.


The Dominator series RAM has good heatsinks for overclocking. This is probably what you are looking for?




Corsair i7-9xx list:




Your i7-950 CPU is only guaranteed to run the RAM at 1066 MHz. Many people are able to run the RAM faster but there are no guarantees when overclocking as all of the hardware components must be willing and able to OC to a higher frequency and run stable, as you found out when trying to run the Corsair tested 2000 MHz. RAM.


Intel® Core™ i7-950 specs

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i must say i really like your signature and it is very true.


Honestly my exposure to overclocking is minimal for 2 reasons. i live in dubai and i have nobody to consult with here to teach me how to. i spent alot of time reading online but sometimes its just better if you have somebody in real life to help you out.


second is the ambient temp here is 5-10 degrees higher than the average which makes OC on air very difficult. as for liquid not much experience in this area to set one up.


when i had the 2000 mhz c8 ram i used to obtain alot of errors in memtest 7 which is commonly known as a memory controller issue. Intel said that since 2000 mhz is not on the support list they cant help. right now i just want something that i can run at 1600 mhz 8-8-8-24 by just setting xmp. i do not know how to set manual voltages. i do plan to oc the cpu but first i want a system that is stable on default + the ram speed 1600 mhz. i might just go for the ram u recommended the only problem is since i get it shipped in. RMA is always a pain and very expensive since the shipping cost burden falls on me

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Hi first post here, im a newbie to this memory tech info and my MB ( Asrock 880G extreme 3 does not show in the memory finder and i need help choosing the right 1333mhz DDR3 ram for my MB ,the processor i am going to use is the Phenom ii x4 965 processor and i want to have 8 gb of ram in my new rig im building but all these part numbers and codes are now starting to confuse me and i need some help. I have read that to use all 4 slots on my MB i need to use 4 identical sticks. i have found various sticks of DDR3 1333mhz ram but no info telling me if it will work properly on AMD platform . Can someone point me to a list of compatible ram that will work with my MB and CPU , or just tell what will work? thnx in advance.
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Welcome. On the left there is a hot link to the Memory Finder. I didn't see your mobo model in the list perhaps because it's new? Any Corsair memory tested and approved for the Phenom II AMD CPUs should work fine in your mobo. The link below has a list of Corsair Phenom II compatible memory.


When choosing RAM it is always best to chose one KIT that has the total memory quantity you desire. You do NOT want to purchase four individual memory sticks or multiple kits as they are not guaranteed to function together as one tested, matched KIT of RAM.


The Corsair Phenom II approved memory list has several 8 GB. kits available consisting of either two or four modules. They should all work fine including the CMX8GX3M2A1333C9 which is two modules with 4 GB. each.




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