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F60 SSD noise?


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So I am also noticing something very odd.. this is a brand new SSD with a fresh instlal of windows 7 on it, I ran Crystaldiskbench mark and here were my results... way below par arent they?





I also ran atto







Are these results unsual along with the strange noise?

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Thanks for filling out your system specs, are you using the latest BIOS update for your board? I've seen a lot of people having problems with the Force drive and that board.


Is your controller set to AHCI mode and if it is what drivers are you using, Intel RST or msachi?

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But if it has already been detected as IDE and formatted on ide etc wont switching to ahci cause problems? whats the proper process?


Yeah it would cause a problem if you just change it in the BIOS, then windows won't be able to boot, you have to change a registry key first (check the sticky)


Regardless, for now you should at least go into the BIOS and see what it's currently set to.

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