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Need help to set BIOS timings


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What should my timings be set at so I don't crash and run at optimal performance?!



My timings are set like this right now because people have been telling me to set my timings lower or something because of the crash problem ive been having (heres the forum thread: http://www.evga.com/forums/tm.aspx?&m=164783&high=pghaffari&mpage=1

if you don't want to view that then the problem i have is basically a black screen of death but the computer doesnt crash.. the computer remains on like if its in sleep mode or something.. all the lights are lit and i sometimes still hear the sound from ingame (or it loops the last sound played), the only problem is the monitor screen goes black just like in sleep mode..just read that thread if you are interested. Nonetheless, can you please tell me the appropriate timings i SHOULD have and that SHOULD work with my setup??




Right now my current timings are set as:



Frequency Control

CPU Clock Ratio ( 23X )

CPU Host Frequency (Mhz) ( 133 )

Target CPU Freq 2666 Mhz (??)

Target Mem Freq (??)

MCH Strap ( Auto )

CPU Uncore Frequency (Mhz) ( 16x )

CPU Clock Skew ( ? )

Spread Spectrum ( ? )

PCIE Frequency (Mhz) ( ? )

Memory Feature

Memory Speed ( Standard )

Memory Control Setting ( Enabled )

Memory Frequency ( Auto (Target Mem Freq 2:8) )

Channel Interleave Setting ( 6 Way )

Rank Interleave Setting ( 4 Way )

Memory Low Gap ( Auto )

tCL Setting ( Auto 8 ) Set these to what it says on your sticks (my sticks are 7 8 7 20 but someone told me to try 888 24 because of the crash)

tRCD Setting ( Auto 8 )

tRP Setting ( Auto 8 )

tRAS Setting ( Auto 24 )

tRFC Setting (Auto 88 ) <--74

Command Rate ( 2t )

All the other mem features are AUTO


Voltage Control

EVGA VDroop Control ( With VDroop )

CPU VCore ( Auto 1.22500 V )

CPU VTT Voltage ( +100 ) native ddr3 ram is only 1333mhz/1600mhz(oc) this controls your embedded memory controller voltage too. more voltage more speed +300 is safe, you need more of this to run a higher uncore frequency

CPU PLL VCore ( Auto 1.800 V) <-this can go to 1.3 if youre not overclocking the cpu and 1.55 if you are running 4ghz

**IOH PLL VCore (dont have it)

DIMM Voltage ( 1.65 V) your ram wont hit its speed on 1.5 volts

DIMM DQ Vref ( +0mV ) if you see your voltage go up using eleet adjust this -10

QPI PLL VCore ( Auto 1.100 V) leave it at 1.1 but take it off auto

IOH VCore ( 1.400 V)

IOH/ICH I/O Voltage ( 1.65 V )

ICH VCore ( 1.2v)


CPU Feature

Intel SpeedStep ( Disabled )

Turbo Mode Function ( Disabled )

CxE Function ( Disabled )

Execute Disable Bit ( Disabled )

Virtualization Technology ( Disabled )

Intel HT Technology ( Enabled )

Active Processor Cores ( All )

QPI Control Settings ( Enabled )

QPI Link Fast Mode ( Enabled )

QPI Frequency Selection (4.8gt/s)




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first of all you need to set the voltage for your dram configuration as written on the memory module, the wrong voltage can lead to bsod or crashes / freezes , i know all about that, you can also have a faulty memory block directly from the factory, not your fault.


My first set of CMP8GX3M2A1600C9 kit had 1 faulty ram block which i found out right away tho.


My advise if your memory is not working perfectly with right dram voltage.


try booting up with 1 ram block at a time, if the computer refuses to start up with 1 of the ram blocks, there is your error, if it starts up on all of them then i still advise to RMA them.


Since its mean to run the timings you buy them at, as long as you set your dram voltage correct.


have nothing to do with your cpu or anything else.

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