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Another H50 with high temp issues.........


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I've read every thread in here and everywhere else I could find. I've tried all the different fan positions with single and double fans. I've tried 3 different CPU pastes. My 860 will not idle below 48C when the case is running at 29C. If I do anything on the system that really uses the processor it jumps up to about 55. Just surfing the net it goes up to about 50. Why is this thing so hot? The X9770 I replaced was running a big typhoon air cooler and never got above 50 under load. I had visions of running this water cooler and seeing temp around the room ambient, but it is worse than air. Please help. Ask whatever you need to know to help and I'll answer to the best of my knowledge or ability.



i7 860 3.3Ghz @ 1.25V

Corsair 800D case

Corsair 750W power supply

Mushkin memory

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