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H70 - Perfectly quiet to OMGLOUD


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I seem to be having a rash of bad luck with some of my corsair hardware lately....

My latest is with one of the H70's I have.

Ran with pump connected via CPU FAN header for 2-3 months and I couldn't have said a bad word about it. During some rearranging I decided to run the pump of a molex/3pin adapter on it's own rail.

As soon as I booted the system the pump started making an awful buzzing noise that has been incessant since, no matter where I have the pump plugged in.

Only thing I could think of is a change in voltage somehow over/underloading the pump caused some sort of failure of some kind? Vague I know but its the best I can do at the moment.

I have another H70 I hooked up in the mean time and would like to probably just get this buzzing one replaced.

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