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Spontaneous Combustion or what?(hx1000 cable)


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The other day I added a 4" uv light powered via molex connection on Rail 1 of my HX1000.

Because of this some rearrangement of cabling was in order and I ended up using a different SATA pwr cable for my 2 raid 0 arrays(ssd+hdd).

When I powered on the pc, the power plug for the first HDD(2nd plug on the cable, the other 3 going to the 2 ssd's and remaining hdd).....ignited

I was within reach and my instinct was to grab below the plug and yank it from HDD. When I did this the plug for the other HDD briefly flared up as well before I was able to pull the a/c plug from the PSU.

Lucky for me I hadn't quite turned away and I uncommonly didn't have my stereo on so I heard the warning fizzling and was able to prevent a major catastrophe.

Needless to say the first HDD's controller board is fried and I will replace it soon but my concern is that I really don't have any idea how this could happen with a brand new PSU and unblemished cable.

Anyone care to enlighten me? I'd really like to know how to avoid something like this in the future.

Also, how can I get some replacement cables? I burned a 2nd sata power cable(this one only 2 plugs on the cable) trying the array again but forgot to take out the light to see if that was the problem.

I would do more testing but something about electrical fires next to my bed really takes the amateur engineer right out of me. :roll:


here's a pic of the aftermath of the first cable:




Any insights or educated guesses are welcome!

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I do not have a specialised electrical knowledge about power supplies, but I guess the automatic fuse inside the power supply did not work. Thus, the electrical current fried your connector. It looks to me you might have had a short circuit somewhere. Is your power supply out of order ?
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If it worked well before adding the UV light and only fired up after adding it, I would DEFINITELY suspect the light as the culprit. I would replace it or simply do without the 4th light.


Also, due to past experience, I ALWAYS test UV lights, fans, etc before putting them in a chain with other devices, and especially if those other devices are expensive.


Customer service can help you out with new cables. They are linked in the contacts page on our website.

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