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PSU or Video Card - Who's Whining?


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Well, I'm pretty sure the source of the sound is coming from the PSU, but who's to blame? I have a 750TX power supply and an EVGA GTX 470 and the PC is all new parts. The noise is really high pitched and varies in tone. Faded away for a while and the next day came back even louder. I can manipulate the pitch of the squeal by flipping menus or scrolling back and forth on webpages.


Unlike many of the descriptions of coil whine I've seen, mine happens all the time - not just 3D games. Even in the BIOS screens.


I proceeded to take the video card out and powered it up - no squeal. I put it back in and rebooted and still silent until a couple minutes later. Right now the noise is there but very much reduced.


Any ideas which component is really at fault? I don't have another video card to try to determine if it's the video card, or if it's the PSU failing to provide enough power.


The noise is bare-able at the moment, but I'm worried it will just come back. Thanks!

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If it comes back louder I will try that. If the noise is definitely coming from the PSU, does that mean it needs to be replaced? Or can the video card be at fault and cause the PSU to make this noise?


Could be either of them making the noise, and its possible that the PSU could be making it in response to an issue with the graphics card. I would test the card in a different system to see if you can isolate which component is causing the problems. The noise itself would not indicate any functional problem, but if its loud enough to be bothersome then we can definitely replace the PSU for you.

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