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TWIN2X4096-6400C5C Replaced but still errors


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I had a 6 month old self built PC with TWIN2X4096-6400C5C RAM sticks, i was getting a sluggish performance and lots of freezing and BSOD's, i ran BurninTest and Memtest, both gave lots of errors and Burnintest would cut out with error Verifying Data on RAM being the main culprit.

Anyway seeing as they were 6 months old the shop(microdirect) replaced them for me with the same model, however on return the performance was still the same so i ran the same tests and got the same errors.


I was reading other peoples problems via google that maybe there wasnt the correct voltage going to them, is this possible or could it be a bad batch or something else thats at fault?

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Microdirect has said they can replace the RAM with another make as they say its not compatible with my MB but i thought it was.


My MB is ASUS P5QL/EPU, in the configurator it just lists the P5QL/E but i think this the same or is that wrong?

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Ok i have run memtest again but i got no errors this time i left it running for an hour, is that long enough?


The voltage is 1.8v.


I also noted these numbers on memtest, are they as they should be?


Slot 0 2048MB DDR2 -400

Slot 1 2048MB DDR2 -400


L1 Cache 32K 37684 MB/s

L2 Cache 2048K 17487 MB/s

L3 Cache None


Settings: Ram 401 MHZ(DDR802)

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