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CMG6GX3M3A2000C7 issue


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I am having problems still with even the new CMG6GX3M3A2000C7 when I had them last time replaced having owned the TR3X6G2000C7GTF. I had gone three times through the process of having to RMA. When I got the CMG6GX3M3A2000C7 it was working great for about four months and then I started to get blue screens and memtest fails. I was testing it on my old motherboard the Rampage II Extreme and now I got the Rampage III Extreme and I am having getting blue screens yet again and in Windows 7 64bit its showing I have 4GB of RAM when I go into system but in CPU Z its showing 6GB. I have always ran the RAM in XMP Profile #1 and have even tried to set the timings manual and voltage and been I get repeats of the blue screens/errors sometimes even right as I load into Windows 7. Last time I had to even wait 2-3 weeks to get the new module the CMG6GX3M3A2000C7. Then also having to go through the process of waiting a week to have it shipped to me even when I sent the RAM overnight or priority mail (2-3 days) which all came out of my own pocket. I mean I bought the best RAM wanting the best performance and stability not having to go through this every few months. This is the old topic: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=78497&page=2 .
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I did everything on default and just loaded the XMP Settings, managed to get Windows 7 64bit Enterprise to recognize the 6GB instead of the 4GB. CPU-Z was seeing it 6GB but Windows 7 system was seeing it as 4GB. When I changed the RAM around it recognized the 6GB but the problem is now I am getting blue screened still and this is what memtest 4.10 showed:



This would be my 4th time I am having to go through the RMA process and it takes quiet a long time to receive the replacement RAM. I usually send mines via USPS priority mail and you guys end up sending it UPS ground which alone takes a week for it to arrive here. I am wondering if you guys can overnight the RAM. I am also unable to mount the fans on the Rampage III Extreme DIMM slots to have it blow on the RAM. The RAM does have fans blowing at it and is staying cool but I wish to also some how get the original fans to mount on and the fans sit right onto RAM which is why I didn't even bother to mount it on it wasn't fitting.

I just been having a lot of problems with this RAM with before my Rampage II Extreme and now with Rampage III Extreme. When I receive the new set it lasts only a few months and then problems occur again.

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That error would suggest it may be some other problem other then memory. And did you do what I suggested?

RAM GUY To be sure its not some other issue please test the modules one at a time with http://www.memtest.org with XMP enabled.


Please with JUST ONE module installed go to BIOS setup and load setup defaults then enable XMP and Disable Legacy USB then let it run http://www.memtest.org and just use the default tests.

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Was this kit discontinued as I don't see it on the website any more...As well I have still been having problems with it. I have changed motherboard to a new ASUS Rampage III Extreme. I don't get problems when I run it normal but as soon as I change to XMP Profile, blue screen. I have RMAd this kit three+ times already...and had to pay a lot of money for overnight shipping and having to wait since this ram also had the recall, I remember waiting around two weeks. When I got the RMAd ram it was working fine and then after a few months it just goes down hill. I don't have the time to run the memtest for hours and changing out the memory every time. Was this memory discontinued or...? I don't know what to do at the moment. I paid a lot of money for this ram when it first came out and having to go through so much trouble just pains me and to still be at the same spot. Could of just bought cheaper memory...
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Hi Ratm3000


First check if you bios is up to date as it improve compatibility and stability



I get same problem before

DDR3 2000MHz memory give trouble some time

As it is only 1866MHz u ave to overclock CPU (host clock frequency)

to get the 2000MHz from memory.


But with CPU OC, QPI Speed will change to.

You ave to make a twik to the voltage so it could be stable.


-CPU Dynamique 1.2000v to 1.2875v

-QPI 1.225v to 1.250v

-IOH 1.100v to 1.125v

For me thos setting is good up to 5 stick ove Dominator GT CMT6GX3M3A2000C8

Wend i put the last one it won't run memory at 2000MHz

PC don't boot

I ave to set CPU (host clock frequency) From 143MHz to 142MHz

The result is that the ram run at 1992MHz But very stable.


I did now wend i buy my 2 kit ove Dominator GT CMT6GX3M3A2000C8

That my CPU will be Overclock for this ram to get 2000MHz

If i woud now, a probely buy 2133MHz or 2400MHz memory as my intel

DX58SO2 could run DDR3 1066MHz, 1333MHz, 1600MHz, 1866MHz,

2133MHz and 2400MHz.


Hope this help

Sincerly yours

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And yes Cas 7 2000 MHz parts are no longer available, so please be sure you really have a failing part. 70% of the memory that is returned passes our production tests. FYI


Why are they no longer available? If RMA was needed what would I get in exchange for these?

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