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Should my new Survivor GTR 32GB be wiggly?


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I just purchased the Survivor flash drive on Newegg.com (10/21/2010):

CORSAIR Survivor GTR 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Model CMFSRA32GBGT2


Problem: Where the flash drive is attached to the end cap there is wiggle movement, so when the Survivor is in its closed position (screwed tight) I can shake it and hear it rattling around inside the casing.


Question: Is this normal? Previous models were solid and did not move at all.


Thanks in advance.

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No that is not normal, if its just the end cap that seems to be loose you can request a new cap by email to jackflash@corsairmemory.com along with the model of your drive and your name address and phone number and they will send one right out to you,otherwise please use the link on the left and request an RMA and we will be happy to replace it.
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My Survivor developed the same problem after two months of owning it. Did as "mtahearn" said and tightened the two small screws and its as good as new.

A little disappointed as this drive is rated as being tough. But will see how it behaves now i have fixed it.

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