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Obsidian 800D cykling vibrations


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To start off with, I'm extremely found of my 800D!

That said, there are a few issues with it.


First and the only I really care to solve is the annoying cycling vibrations that makes my case a quite irritable to listen to.


Exactly what causing this is a mystery for me since if I remove the sidepannel(s) the noise disappears.


So what to do to silence this case?

Any ideas?



As for the other problem I mentioned... the plastic cover of the MB-trays backside is not staying on. This is a non-issue for me and not anything that ever will bother me, but maybe anyone else have this small annoyance to?



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Well is must be caused by a moving part. so PSU, Pump (if you water cool) or maybe even you Vid Card. and obviously your fans in the case itself.


I have had it (vibrations) on another case, and that was due to the PSU fan.

I just put a very thin rubber mat under the PSU, and problem was solved.



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I'm being half sure it's a HDD.

None of the fans for sure, might be the H50 watercooler, but that's a dealbraker to remove. In that cenario I'll just dampen the case with a suitable heavy butyl mat (car sound insulation) or so.


A pitty really since the case in all other areas is outstanding!

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