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TR3X6G1600C8D & Asus P6X58D Premium Stability Issues

Andrew Evenstar

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Hey everyone... new here.


I built my own computer in Apri/May of this year. I've been able to get into windows and run many programs, play certain games and for the most part have a good computer running. I've done memory tests and everything has passed.


However I still get random crashes where my computer will shut off and reboot. I know it has to do memory configuration. More recently there has been more crashes, so I've continued to do my guessing game at changing the settings. Currently, I'm at the 2nd to last bios update for the asus board.


I've tried the XMP profile, leaving settings on auto, and even setting some other things manually as well. I know that the DRAM voltage should be 1.65, qpi to 4800, and I believe the UCLK freq is double the Ram Freq (correct me if I'm wrong).


I would just like to ask anyone who knows or anyone who has the same set up as me to help out. I have i7-930. I don't care if I have to run my memory at slower speeds to have this stable. I'm not too familiar with what certain things do in the MB settings, but I know where they are and how to change them.


This really means a lot. I'm so tired of having this great computer I built be unstable. Thanks,

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