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VS8GSDSKIT800D2 and Configurator


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Hi Folks!


Anyone knows why VS8GSDSKIT800D2 (2x4GB ValueSelect PC2-6400 SODIMM) is almost never, if ever, suggested by Corsair's online configurator?


Take my laptop, for instance [ hp dv5-1165ep with 2 expansion slots, up to 8GB ]. The configurator suggests the 4GB VS4GSDS800D2 module, but not the 2x4GB kit; and it "knows" that my laptop has 2 slots, max 8GB.


I see a VS8KIT as two VS4 sticks made with identical components, so dual channel is very likely to work. Is there any diff between a VS4 and a VS8KIT stick?


What I "read" from configurator's answer is: ok, you can install 2x4GB, you'll get 8GB but we can't guarantee dual channel, that's why we do not advertise the kit.


But checking other models, from other manufact, I can find no use for the VS8KIT... is it simply ignored by the config?


Thanks for reading


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