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In general the health statistic is not very accurate, but the unusually low %'s reported for the Force drives is actually a problem with the SandForce firmware I believe, it may possibly be addressed with the new version. ;)


The current version (1.1) has SMART problems reporting temperature as well as "SSD Life Left" because the more you use the drive the lower your SSD Life Left statistic will go, but at an exponentially higher rate than what it is supposed to be. The problem was actually introduced in either 1.0 or 1.1, so if you're lucky enough to have 0.2 you will notice your health at 99-100% for a new drive and it will stay up there for quite some time.


This DOES NOT mean that the drive is actually "dying". The fact that the life left is simply reported by the firmware's SMART algorithm means that any manufacturer could rig the statistic in the first place, giving it very little meaning. Although with the new SandForce version, it should reflect the actual life much more accurately.

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