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PC hanging and RAM issue


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Ive had a self built PC for about 6 months now but the performance has always been a little bit sluggish, and hanging a lot especially if i am downloading or installing a program etc.


I have checked the memory configuration, however i think my RAM isnt compatible according to the list.

the manual that came with the MB says it is for that make but it only lists it as 1GB and not the 2GB(x2) that i have installed.


I ran burnintest and memtest and they both gave a lot of errors so as it was within warranty the shop swapped them but the hanging still continues


Can someone help and see if it is indeed compatible please.


many thanks

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Ah thanks for the reply, i saw in the list P5QL-E but wasnt sure if that was just another model rather then my P5QL/EPU.


When i run Burnintest i get a lot Error Verifying Data on RAM messages, but not sure if this the problem as it was reported the same on my old RAM as well before replacement?

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