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Best Memory for my P6T?


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I just finished my first homebuilt with an Asus P6T MB, an i7-920 2.67 ghz. processor, a Corsair 750W cmpsu-750TX psu, and 12 gig (6X2gig sticks) of PC3, 12800 DDR3, 1600, 8-8-8-24, of a competitor's memory. I have spent the past 4 months troubleshooting after numerous bluescreens and crashes. I also found 2 defective memory sticks and finally got the computer stable with only one good 2-gig stick at 1066 speed instead of 1600 which was causing freezeups. I could not get the computer stable with more than one stick of that memory, and we tried many settings in BIOS.


The person who is helping me out a lot on one forums with the memory issues and thinks it is the cause of my problems has Corsair memory and recommended it to me.


I would like 12 gig of ram, DDR3, 1600 speed, and after running the memory configure tool found Dominator CMD12GX3M6A1600C8 8-8-8-24 2T. The problem is, in my Asus P6T manual it says only one DIMM of 1600 memory per channel is supported. The last memory I had which caused me all the problems was 6 sticks of 2-gig also. Is it safe to use 6 sticks of 2-gig 1600 in the P6T, or would I be better off with 3 sticks of 4-gig? I know very little about memory and the technical numbers, but I would like the best performance possible since I plan on overclocking the processor. Could someone please recommend the best memory for me? Thanks. Tom

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Thanks for the help Trackrat.

Can you recommend a 3x4gig kit that will work well in the P6T? I don't understand the numbers or specs that well and only found one 3x4gig kit in the memory configurator for the P6T - CMT12GX3MSA2000C9 which is quite pricey, but if works and performs well that's the most important thing. Is the "2000" to high for my MB? Are there any other compatible 3 x 4gig kits available that you could recommend? Thanks again. Tom

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