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Failed PSU, raised 2 RMA requests but no response after 2 weeks


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My HX520 PSU purchased 2 years ago in Australia failed to start 2 weeks ago (did the paper clip test to confirm). I then raised a ticket # 1704993 to get an RMA. Failing to get any email/response within a week, and the support website indicating that the ticket was invalid (?), I created another one assuming I had done something wrong. It has been more than a week since the 2nd ticket (#1714888) was raised, no response, no email and the ticket also shows it is invalid when I query the status.

Can you please advise what I should do ? 5 business days is indicated as normal response time so I wonder what is going on and I need my PSU to be fixed as my PC is dead at the moment.




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I am not sure how and where the PSU is meant to be sent to (ie US or overseas), I have simply followed the support website instructions. I assume that if I need to mail the PSU, Corsair will provide a prepaid self addressed page to stick on a box to their representative office in Australia.


I did try to contact the place where I bought it in AU who asked me to not only pay for shipping cost to them but also a $40 fee for warranty service and a prepaid return package, which will end up costing me $100+. I found this absolutely shocking given that the PSU has a 5 year warranty and that this is clearly not due to anything I have done.


Given Corsair’s claimed high level of support, I can only assume there is a better way to get a warranty on my product than to have to pay 50% of the original product cost, which is why I directly raised a ticket to Corsair.

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so does anyone know how long it normally takes to get an RMA? Still haven't heard anything back from Corsair 4 weeks+ after raising 2 tickets...


Post the case number here and I will get it approved ASAP. Not sure why it would not already have been approved, but I will definitely look into it!

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