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How to cash out rebate debit card with Paypal

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First, you need access to TWO Paypal accounts.


Register the rebate debit card with the first account, as if it were a regular backup card.


The first account must have a zero balance.


Send funds to the second account. If this is a friend's, you can have the money sent back. Be sure to choose the new card as the backup- don't use your regular CC by mistake!


If you try to just send cash, expect a denial. Pretend that you are buying a product. I just tried it- it worked. The attempt to send cash was in fact denied.


I tried to get cash at a bank yesterday- denied.

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what bank is the card drawn on? i got a 100.00 card from a Verizon rebate, it was a Chase Visa Debit card. i went to a local Valley National bank and because they have the VISA logo on their front door, they HAD to cash it. its in VISA's terms and conditions.


at first the clerk told me they could not cash it in, then i asked for a manager and the manager made 1 quick phone call to their head office, was told that any bank with the VISA logo on their door is required to honor it for cash. within 10 minutes i had 5 crisp 20's and only had to sign a regular receipt and i was out of there.


all im saying is not every bank teller knows all the details of the products they endorse, you may have to jump a few heads up the banks hierarchy but you are within your right to do so.

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