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HS1 and Xbox pad for windows compatibility problem...


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This is a solution.


I recently bought an HS1 headset and was really pleased with the product (outstanding sound, great drivers, excellent build quality and very comfortable), until I plugged in my xbox 360 controller for windows (wired version). As soon as I did the sound from the HS1 became really distorted and unbearable (I am running Windows XP SP2).


I tried to update drivers, roll back drivers, uninstall drivers on both the headset and the controller but nothing worked. I finally found a solution.


If you connect the HS1 OR the xbox 360 controller to an external USB hub, the distortion goes away! It's as simple as that. The USB hub doesn't even need to be self powered – ie, it can use the power of your PC and doesn't need to have it's own PSU or mains plug.


I think the reason the distortion is happening is because the xbox controller has a built in headset jack, and windows is recognising it as another USB audio device, which then conflicts with any other USB audio (HS1) you may have plugged in.


You can pick up a USB hub for around £10 – £15 pounds from any decent PC/electronics store.


Hope this helps someone somewhere out there!

Cheers, Nug.

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