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Issue with HS1's and Combat Arms


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So i got this headset because i hate having a separate mic on my ATH-A900's.

The HS1's have been OK at best. i know i am a bit spoiled, BUT, they sound horrible trying to play combat arms. All i hear in big gun fights is massive distortion when grenades are blowing up and guns are going off (map overdose is the worst). This isn't for all maps. It's specific to maps that may have an echo effect due to being in a pipe or large cavernous space. These cans have been great up until i played them with this game. I am a bit disappointed right now with the HS1's. The only thing i can think of is that the games sound samples are crap, i put on my other cans and did not hear the same distortion. It's like as if having the multichannel Dolby support is overworking the sounds and can't keep up with what is going on there. I really want to make these my permanent cans. Right now though i can't seem to do it given how bad they sound in this game.




Update: Not enabling Pro Logic/ 7.1 virtual helps with the distortion(not all of it). Although i don't really see that as a fix.

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