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Trouble with VX550W


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I just bought a vx550 last October 12. Then it started malfunctioning last October 24.


I tried the PSU Basic functionality test:


The fan is spinning and it works, however when I connect it to my motherboard it turns on for a second and then shuts off by itself.


I could verify that my motherboard is not malfunctioning. I have my generic PSU(550W) working on my current system and this is what I am currently using.


What is supposed to be the problem of the power supply. Are there any methods to troubleshoot this kind of problem? Or, do I really need to return this to supplier and wait for weeks so that I could use it again.


I know a few people have problems with corsair. However, I am very disappointed how the power supply gave up in just 2 weeks.


Need help here.




In addition to that, my computer shuts off even vx550 doesn't have much load. I only used the 4pin connector and the 24pin connector to powerup my motherboard and start my CPU fan turning. I didn't connect any other cables.

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