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Knackered CM2x2048-6400C5 module (RMA?)


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Hi all, I'd just like to say before I list my problem this is the 1st out of over 15 Corsair products that has EVER let me down. I originally purchased 2 2GB modules are part of the standard kit, over time they got split up (1 module continued to be used, the other sat in a box for a few months).


I recently tried to use the 'spare' stick but when I tried it in 2 different systems I was faced with a failure to post (blank screen, beeping etc). The module seems to be faulty and requires replacement under RMA.


My question/issue is really, will I have any issues trying to RMA just the 1 faulty stick even though it was purchased as part of a matched pair. Obviously matching etc doesn't matter to me as the replacement stick will be used on its own so it doesn't matter what IC's etc the replacement would be using. I'm more worried that I may simply not be able to RMA the faulty stick as I can't return them as a pair.


Any suggestions/advice people?



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