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Im in the market for a 850w psu and i cant decide between the HX850 or the AX850


i already know the main difference between the two the only deciding factors would be the cables and the noise


which is the quieter of the two units under load


i know the AX850 fan doesn't spin up at low usage but from what ive read it is quite loud under load compared to the HX850


can anyone confirm this?



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I was about to post the same question ! Great minds think alike... was about to ask under load how is the noise also.....


Quite a few guys have suggested even under load there hx is quite silent... and doesnt seem bothered much when running powerful cards/overclocked systems....


heres the link just in case :




but this is regarding just the hx, I would however like to know why Corsair downgraded the fan from a 135mm silent fan to a 120mm in there newer AX models since surely 135mm is more silent/better airflow ?


my gutt tells me there was a noise issue perhaps with the hx series so they put a better quality 120mm fan instead in the newer ax series, but where can one find an honest Corsiar Worker ? :)


If anyone has had either, please let us know if its been noisy, or under load if the fan barely spins ? Thx

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