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HX620W runs hot


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I have a 620HX which runs rather hot, even on idle. I can feel the heat eminating from the rear grill - the unit itself is very warm to the touch and I can only imagine how hot the components are on the inside to cause this.


The fan is spinning albeit slowly and it does not seem to spin any faster even after an hour of Crysis with moderate to high settings. The PSU gets alarmingly hot during this time.


Is this normal? I read that this PSU is supposed to be able to bear the full rated load at 50°C, but it certainly feels that it runs much hotter than that.


Now, I have not had problems with the PSU, it has been stable from the get go although I have never gone to lengths to measure the temperture or operating voltages (I don't even know how to).


Given the number of components in my setup, can anyone please either

- post some information on how to increase the PSU fan speed or

- recommend a higher wattage Corsair PSU which will run the same setup much cooler?



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You might want to try removing the PSU from the case and testing the system with the PSU hooked up while sitting outside of the case. This should rule out any other components which could be causing the PSU to heat up. If the PSU gets just as hot when outside of the case, then we can try replacing it for you. Request an RMA
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