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TWIN2X2048-6400C5DHX problem with chip connections


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About 2 years ago I put together a machine from parts - an asus p5q pro motherboard with an intel Q6600 cpu and 2 modules of the Corsair memory mentioned above.


A problem started about 6 months into having the pc - it would just refuse to boot. I would turn it on, the fan would whirr up, but i would never get the POST startup beep. However if I left the PC for about half an hour it would then boot up, although it was very unstable - lots of intermittent freezing and BSODs.


My first thought was dodgy PSU or overheating - so I replaced the former and added some thermal paste to the CPU, but still no dice.


In the end life got in the way and I just decided to live with the problem, until I had a need to use the thing more regularly and the warm up and instability was affecting my productivity as a programmer. So I pulled the whole thing apart and did some troubleshooting, which involved booting up with alternating modules of memory. It turns out that one of the memory modules was the problem, when booting up with one particular module the problem disappeared. Also when I did finally boot up with the bad stick I noticed that I just had to lightly touch it to replicate the crashing issue described earlier.


It appears then that there is a dodgy connection on the chip, and this made me think that there may be a bit of a design flaw with this model of memory that has the fin-style heatsinks on them - if you squeeze at the top of the stick when you're inserting the memory (as you would assume is ok to do as the whole module is encased in metal) you're actually levering out the chips (that are affixed to the metal fin) from the circuit board. After around half a dozen reseats both sides of the module were really loose, and in the end one set of heatsink and chips came off entirely!


Obviously I'd like to fix this problem (or get the offending module replaced if it's still under warranty). Has anyone else experienced similar problems with this style of module that they've successfully resolved?

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