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some quick questions on a corsair SSD


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hi, just wanted to ask a couple of things about corsair solid state drives i have looked on your forums and found some conflicting answers to my questions so i thought i would ask. any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

1.i am running windows xp pro i know it does not support ssd drives well as it is an older operating system but without changing the operating system are there any defrag programs or maintenance programs that i could use with xp that would keep my corsair ssd drive running well?

2. i currently have 2 corsair CMFSSD-128GBG1D running in raid 0 i know these are first generation and are slow compared to the new ones out but they do work well though sometimes when loading games they seem to lag a little, do you know did they update the firmware and do you have any new firmware or are they all the same factory firmware with no updates available?

3. finally 2 random questions was this SSD drive ever made (CMFSSD-256GBG1D) for the S series or was the highest available 128gb before the P series came out? and i've heard different things about defragging solid state drives can you just tell me is it true using a defrag program can have the opposite effect to an SSD drive slow it down and perhaps eventually even break it. okay that's it. :confused:

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