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Slow Performance HP Laptop dv6700 and F120 SSD

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I have an HP Pavilion dv6700 running Windows 7 on the Corsair F120 SSD. It's a brand new drive, I installed it in my laptop at 7am this morning. I made the mistake of registering Windows before checking the speed.


Seq: Read 205.8 MB/s / Write 83.15 MB/s

512K: Read 191.8 MB/s / Write 85.24 MB/s

4K: Read 16.99 MB/s / Write 35.29 MB/s

4K QD32: Read 164 MB/s / Write 87.86 MB/s


I should be getting something closer to 275 MB/s on the read and write.


To my understanding, in order to get better performance I need to set my hard drive settings to AHCI in BIOS. My laptop's BIOS are very basic and have no such option. However, AHCI is supported and I have updated the drivers. HP states that the Laptops that came with Vista do not have the option to change to AHCI manually in the bios. I've thought about forcing Windows 7 to AHCI, but I'm afraid I'll have to reinstall everything if the BIOS don't automatically change. Is there anything that I can do or am I dependent upon a new firmware release to get the most out of my SSD? ...or worse case, am I stuck with my current performance?

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As stated in many posts the bench mark was done with ATTO and the only application to use for testing drive performance. Other Disk Bench marks may work but they may not show accurate results. However the performance is dramatically improved when using SSD drives over a spinning HDD.
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