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Review of platforms of Corsair PSUs


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Have you ever wondered, like me, what PSUs of other manufacturers your Corsair PSU has with ? Or, how the Corsair PSUs are compaired between them in terms of the platforms used ?


Well, I found a review which lists the current and future Corsair PSUs and answers this question. I am not going to repost it here (I do not know how the moderators will treat it), however I will give a link, http://www.overclock.net/power-supplies/654983-corsair-psus.html . For example, I learnt that my VX550 is based on the CWT PSH platform, and the new GS ("gaming") series will be based on the improved version of it, PSH-II. The supply VX450 is made by Seasonic and is based on their S12II platform, which has been improved and released as the S12II Bronze product, that is with the 80+ Bronze efficiency rating (instead of 80+ Standard). The old HX series was based on the Seasonic S12 platform which is based on independently-regulated design.


And, while we are at it, I'd give a reference to the database of Corsair PSUs (among others),

http://www.realhardtechx.com/index_archivos/Page447.htm . It gives a comprehensive table on the Corsair PSUs, their efficiencies, whether discontinued, and the links to the comprehensive reviews.

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