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CMT6GX3M3A1600C7 on GA-X58A-UD5


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Hello I want to update my bios.


All I need is some help how to configure/set my frequency inside the bios.


Maybe someone got a mother board like mine and can help me to configure my memory.


My mother board version after the update will be FB.


Thanks in advance,

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Yes thats an option but this is Corsair support forum and we talking about Corsair memory that should have a guide.


So maybe 1 of the support team will reply, or someone who have same mobo and memory like me.



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I am sorry to ask so many questions :) But since I didn't use desktop pcs for like 6 years now I am learning everything again from the start.


So updating the bios is the first stem also know how to configure my memory is important.


I opened a ticket for support hope they will provide me with a guide.

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