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ASUS, i7 870 and Corsair H50 fan hookup questions and optimal settins questions.


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Hi there.. This is my 1st attempt at building my own computer and everything runs great.. I'm just trying to tweak my temperate and make sure that my H50 is running at optimal settings..


My question is when I run my ASUS monitoring software it shows CPU at ~ 1750 RPM. But my Chasis2 at 750 and Power at 750 RPM. Where do I hook the pump to ? w/o taking my cover off I think I hooked the fan plug to Fan_Cpu? and the pump to the one behind it ?


To make it easy , where do I hook the fan up on this mother board? and where do I hook the pump up on this mother board? Also do I need to go into BIOS and change anything? I think I read somewhere I did but that threat someone had a dfferent mobo and I got confused ..


When you respod please be aware you are "talking" to a beginner at this. My gut feeling tells me my H50 Pump is not running at 100% because those two settings show only 750 RPM. ???

Also my idle temps with my i7 870 are core #0 (always highest) at 35 - 37 C

Core #1 and Core # 2 and Core #3 usually hover with about 1 - 2 C of eachother at 29 C to 31 C..


Any and all help would be greatly appreciated




Gerald H.

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Pump should be attached to CPU_Fan, fans to any chasis fan plug, don't know where they are on your mobo, but you must have a manual and schematic of the board.


Do not use any tool to vary the CPU_Fan speed, it must run full bore all the time, the radiator fans are another story depending on your setup.



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1. the 4-pin corsair fan should be connected to the CPU_FAN header on the motherboard.

2. your pump should be connected to any SYS_FAN header on the motherboard.

3. CPU SMART FAN CONTROL should be DISABLED in the bios.


and that's all you need.

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