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Using old HX620 in new system


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I have recently upgraded my system, the only things I kept were my HX620 and the case. After finishing the build I had a problem that the PC would boot up fine (e.g. I could install Windows 7 with no issues), but I couldn't get into the BIOS after pressing Delete during POST (the system would acknowledge me having pressed delete and say it was entering the BIOS, but just went to screen with a flashing cursor in the top left of the screen).


The motherboard is a Gigabyte X58-UD7.


I took out all the components and left it overnight and this morning it started going into the BIOS OK after pressing Delete, so I figured it was all OK. Looking at the "PC Health Status" page in the BIOS the voltages seemed to be all over the place. e.g. the 12V was showing as 8V and then increased to 15V after the PC had been on for a while and the other Voltages were similarly low or high. Windows seemed to operate find with no stability issues. So I'm not sure I believe those voltages. I haven't made any changes to the default setting in the BIOS and have reset the BIOS several times and reflashed to the latest version (And a tried a few other ones!)


This evening the PC went back to the having the same issue in the first paragraph and after trying it a few times now seemed to have deteriorated and no longer powers on (it powers up for a second but then shuts off).


I have tried the PSU on the old motherboard and it does the same thing. I also tried the paperclip test and the PSU does the same thing - the fan spins for a second and then stops (this was with a HD connected to provide a load).


Is there anything else I can try? I think the above should be enough to conclude the problem is the PSU (at least part of the problem - I'm not sure if this could have the effect I describe above in relation to accessing the BIOS).


The PSU has had no problems in the old PC (which was in regular use for for 3 1/2 years).



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